2016 No. 06

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Determination of oleanolic acid and ursolic acid in Rosa Multiflora Thunb. by HPLC
Gulqiman·ABLIZ, Awut·AMAR, Maojudai·YAERMAIMAITI, Dilnur·MALIK
2016, (06): 49-51. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.001
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Objective:The content of oleanolic acid(OA) and ursolic acid(UA) in different arts(roots,stems,fruits)of Rosa Multiflora Thunb. have been compared,and taken analysis on content of OA and UA in Rosa Multiflora Thunb. fruit from different origin by HPLC. Methods :Zorbax ODS chromatography column(4.6 mm×250 mm×5 μm),methanol-water(88∶12) was used as mobile phase,diode array detector at 210 nm wavelength had been used for detection. Results:The OA and UA was better separated within 20 minutes,it had good linear relationship between peak area mass concentration between 0.02468~0.2468 mg/m L and 0.02523~0.2523 mg/m L with the correlation coefficient of 0.9994 and 0.9996 respectively. The recovery rates were 99.96%(RSD 0.74%)and 100.03%(RSD 0.95%). Conclusion:The established method was simple,quick,accurate,and had better reproducibility for the determination of OA and UA in Rosa Multiflora Thunb. at the same time by HPLC. The content of OA and UA in fruits reached the highest value. The Rosa Multiflora Thunb. from Kuqa and Atux had the highest content of OA and UA,so that could be used as the origin for the research of Rosa Multiflora Thunb.
Optimization of SDE extraction conditions for the flavor compounds in smoked horsemeat by response surface analysis
GAO Lei, CHEN Kai, ZHOU Jian-zhong, KONG Ling-ming, LI Rong, YANG Hai-yan
2016, (06): 52-57. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.002
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The flavor compounds in smoked horsemeat were extracted by simultaneous distillation extraction(SDE),the extraction technology was optimized by Box-Behnken central design on the basis of single factor experiment. The results showed that when dichloromethane was used as extraction solvent,the optimal extraction conditions as follows :extraction time 156 min,volume of solvent 50 m L,material-liquid ratio 1∶2.4,using the optimal conditions,the extracting yield of flavor compounds in smoked horsemeat was 875.63 mg/kg. The gas chromatography-mass spectrometer(GC-MS) analysis showed that total 55 volatile flavor compounds were identified in smoked horsemeat,including phenols,alcohols,alkenes,alkanes,and lipid,aldehydes and ketones,and N-,S-containing and heterocyclic compounds. The major flavor compound in smoked horsemeat was phenols,the content of which was 52.66%.
Effect of oak aging treatment on the volatile flavor compounds of Shatian Grapefruit distilled liquor
YI Lan-li, YU Yuan-shan, DU Chang-chen, XU Yu-juan, CHEN Wei-dong, WU Ji-Jun
2016, (06): 58-63. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.003
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The volatile flavor compounds of Shatian Grapefruit distilled liquor were analyzed by using the methods of PCA(Principal Component Analysis) during oak aging. Results showed that the color,total acid and total phenolic content of Guangdong Shatian Grapefruit distilled liquor were significant increased(p<0.05) during the aging. 75 kinds of volatile compounds were found in Shatian Grapefruit distilled liquor during the aging,and esters were the main volatile flavor components,followed by aldehydes,alcohols,ketones,acids,terpenes,phenols. It also produced amount of new volatile flavor compounds,such as acetic acid,ethyl isobutyrate,ethyl isovalerate,ethyl 2-furoate,diethyl succinate,ethyl 3-phenylpropionate,ethyl p-anisate,5-methyl furfural,1-isopropyl-2-methylbenzene,(2E)-2-nonenal,(E)-carveol,n-decanoicacid,eremophilene,8,9-dehydro-neoisolongifolene,elemicin,which gave a new taste and style during the oak aging.
Determination of lobetyolin and syringin in Codonopsis Radix from different places by HPLC
CHEN Qian-feng, DENG Xiao-yan, ZHU Hui-feng
2016, (06): 64-67. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.004
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To establish a HPLC method for simultaneous determination of lobetyolin and syringin in Codonopsis Radix from different places. The HPLC system consisting of Thermo scientific C18 Column(4.6 mm×250 mm,5 μm) and a gradient elution system of acetonitrile-water as the mobile phase was adopted. The flow rate was set at 1.0 m L/min,the detection wavelength was 266 nm,and the column temperature was 25 ℃. The results indicated that the chromatographic peaks of lobetyolin and syringin could be separated well. The linear ranges for lobetyolin and syringin were 10 ~200 μg/m L and 0.5 ~10 μg/m L,respectively. The average recoveries were100.65% and 98.78%,respectively. The lobetyolin content and syringin content in Codonopsis Radix from ten places was ranged from 0.1963 ~1.4532 mg/g and 0.0051 ~0.0951 mg/g,respectively. The simple,quick,reproducible and reliable method could be used for determination of two main components in Codonopsis Radix.
2016, (06): 68-73. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.005
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Study on phenol-sulfuric acid method for determination of polysaccharides from germination fungus HL-003
ZHENG Peng-peng, LI Shan, ZHANG Bao, YANG Zheng-tao, QI Li-rong, HUANG Chao, AO Xin-yu
2016, (06): 74-77. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.006
Abstract(95) PDF(315)
In order to determine polysaccharides of germination fungus HL- 003, parameters of the phenol-sulfuric acid method were optimized. Phenol concentration and volume of concentrated sulfuric acid was the independent variable, the maximum absorption wavelength and absorbance were detected under different concentrations of phenol and concentrated sulfuric acid volume. Immediately,the color of time,precision,linearity and recovery were measured in order to determine the optimum parameters. The results showed that phenol concentration of 5%,concentrated sulfuric acid content of 3.5 m L,the maximum absorption wavelength of 488 nm,coloration time 15 min. The methods had a high precision and recovery results were reliable,and consistent with the true value. The concentration of glucose in the range of 0~200 mg/m L had a good linearity.Intracellular and fermentation of polysaccharide contents were 2.028% and 2.998 g/L,by detecting with optimized method.
Analysis of volatile compounds in Cordyceps cicadae and submergedly cultured mycelia of Isaria cicadae
WEI Ya-li, LIU Ai-ying, LV Yu, TANG Hong-min
2016, (06): 78-85. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.007
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In order to determine the volatile compounds in Cordyceps cicadae and submergedly cultured mycelia of Isaria cicadae,the strain GZU1205241 was identified by the sequence analysis of a r DNAITS fragment and the traditional identification methods(morphological characteristics of the colony and sporulation structure).Then the volatile compounds of wild Cordyceps cicadae mycelium and fermentation volatile compounds were extracted by headspace solid phase microextraction(HS-SPME) and steam distillation and determined by gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. The results showed that the strain GZU1205241 was Isaria cicadae.Cordyceps cicadae and mycelia of Isaria cicadae,respectively,contained 56 and 58 volatile compounds.Hereinto,25 compounds in both wild and mycelia. The main volatile compounds of Cordyceps cicadae mainly were acids,and the relative content of oleic acid,hexadecanoic acid and linoleic acid was 45.09%,21.18% and9.44%,respectively. The main volatile compounds of fermented mycelia were acids,and the relative content of palmitic acid,linoleic acid and oleic acid was 38.44%,18.58% and 12.83%,respectively. The volatile composition and relative content of wild Cordyceps Cicadae and fermented mycelia obtained by steam distillation and headspace solid phase micro extraction had obvious differences. The volatile composition were more by water vapor distillation. Acid were the main volatile compounds of Cordyceps cicadae and fermented mycelia obtained by steam distillation and headspace solid phase micro extraction.
2016, (06): 86-89. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.008
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Determination of content of raw juice in orange juice by synchronous fluorescence spectrometry
MAO Li-xin, ZHANG Xiao-li, FAN San-hong
2016, (06): 90-93. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.009
Abstract(57) PDF(127)
Quantitative analysis the content of original orange juice by using synchronous fluorescence spectrometry. Preprocess the synchronous fluorescence data of the samples and establish the original fruit juice content prediction model by selecting different spectral bands with partial least square(PLS) method,then predicte the validation set samples to verify the accuracy of the model and the feasibility of the method which was selecting different spectral bands with partial least square( PLS) method. The results showed that the spectroscopic data by smoothing with first derivative treatment was more suitable for establishing model,the performance of the model which was established by the spectral band was better than that established by the range of wavelengths. The prediction of the root-mean-square error which was predicted by the final optimal model was 0.035832,the coefficient of determination(R2) was 0.972570. Thus illustrates synchronous fluorescence spectrometry combining with PLS could realize quantitative analysis of the original juice content.
2016, (06): 94-99. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.010
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Effect of drying methods on powder physical properties of Flammulina velutipes root
ZHANG Ming, ZHOU Ping, LI Xin-sheng, MA Chao, GU Jing-yan, WANG Chao-chuan, MENG Xiao-feng
2016, (06): 100-103. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.011
Abstract(67) PDF(381)
Using the drying technology of hot air drying,microwave vacuum drying,explosion puffing drying,vacuum freeze-drying were used to prepare Flammulina velutipes root powder. The effects of different drying methods on powder physical properties of Flammulina velutipes root were studied.The results showed that the vacuum freeze-dried powder keep the best color,followed by microwave vacuum drying and explosion puffing drying.The Flammulina velutipes root powder prepared by vacuum freeze-drying and microwave vacuum drying particle size and the particle dispersion was significantly smaller than the hot air drying and explosion puffing drying,more uniform particle size. The Flammulina velutipes root powder prepared by hot air drying and explosion puffing drying were better flowability and compression molding. The Flammulina velutipes root powder prepared by microwave vacuum drying and vacuum freeze-drying had strong water holding capacity,and strongest oil holding capacity,up to 1.8 g/g. The Flammulina velutipes root powder prepared by hot air drying and explosion puffing drying had strong water solubility,and the microwave vacuum dried powder had worst water solubility.The Flammulina velutipes roots powder prepared by vacuum freeze-drying and microwave vacuum drying were suitable as a functional material added foods or adsorbed on the surface of the food.The Flammulina velutipes roots powder prepared by hot air drying and explosion puffing drying were suitable compressed tablets and extract the soluble component.
Effects of light quality on flavonoids and antioxidant properties of germinated tartary buckwheat
CUI Lin-lin, ZHOU Yi-ming, JI Hong-bin, TANG Wen, ZHOU Xiao-li
2016, (06): 104-108. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.012
Abstract(92) PDF(317)
In this paper,the 3 d germinated buckwheat was used as the material. Effects of light quality(red light,yellow light,green light,white light,blue light,UV-A(356 nm) and UV-C(254 nm)) on flavonoids,antioxidant properties and relative enzymes of flavonoids for treating germinated tartary buckwheat. The results indicated that total flavonoid and rutin content in buckwheat sprouts was significantly increased under the treatment of ultraviolet,blue,white,yellow and red light in the germination process(compared with the dark treatment),and there was significantly different between the different treatment(p<0.05). After the treatment of UV-C,total flavonoid and rutin contents in buckwheat sprout were the highest,and increased 30.1% and 40.9% compared with the control group, respectively. Moreover, activity of the key enzymes( PAL and CHI) of flavonoids metabolism in buckwheat sprout were significantly increased,and positive correlated with the contents of total flavonoid and rutin,after the treatment of light. These results demonstrated that after the buckwheat sprout treated with light,the contents of flavonoids were increased by improving the activity of key enzymes in anabolism process of flavonoids. In addition,the DPPH free radical scavenging activity of buckwheat sprout could be increased by the light treatment,and increased up to 35.1% in the process of buckwheat germination. The scavenging activity was positive correlated with the total flavonoids content,and indicated that the flavonoids content in buckwheat sprouts could be increased by the light treatment to improve the antioxidant activity of buckwheat.
Changes of key nutritional components of braised chicken during processing
PENG Ting-ting, ZHANG Chun-jiang, ZHANG Hong, HUANG Feng, HU Hong-hai, ZHANG Xue, LIU Qian-nan, CHEN Wen-bo, JI Li-lian
2016, (06): 109-113. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.013
Abstract(89) PDF(269)
It was investigated the changes of moisture,protein,fat,free amino acids(FAA),fatty acid and mineral content in the processing of braised chicken. The results showed that in the processing of braised chicken,the water content declined significantly(p<0.05),the relative content of protein increased whereas the absolute content decreased,and the content of fat showed the highest value after frying process and decreased in cooking process,which demonstrated that the cooking process had great effects on the contents of protein and fat. The level of FAA reduced gradually and,all of it,the arginine content was highest and glutamate,one of umami taste amino acids,also exceeded its threshold,which suggested an significant(p<0.05) effect of salting and cooking on the FAA contents. The ratio of unsaturated fatty acid over total fatty acids increased with the cooking process,which was in favour of human health. The changes of mineral content were not significant,however,the contents of Na,Cu and Mn increased slightly in the processing of braised chicken. The above results demonstrated that the processing of braised chicken increased the nutritional components,and more over cooking process was the most effective factor on it and salting had little effect on the other nutritional components except of a slight loss of FAA.
Study on the rheological properties of mixed proso millet-wheat flour
DU Wen-juan, MA Yu-ling, JANG Long-bo, ZHANG Xi-wen, SHEN Rui-ling, DONG Ji-lin
2016, (06): 114-118. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.014
Abstract(52) PDF(210)
The main component of eight kinds of proso millet flour( four kinds of japonica and four kinds of glutinous proso millet) and the rheological properties of the mixed proso millet-wheat flour were studied. The results showed that with the increasing of the content of proso millet flour,the water absorption,development time, stability time, mixed tolerance index( MTI), stretching area( Energy), resistance to extension and the maximum resistance to extension of dough were all in the trend of decline. Extensibility were decreased at first and then stabilized,stretching ratio basically unchanged,while the softening degree were all in the trend of rise.However the variety and content of proso millet flour influence the rheological properties differently. In addition,the correlation of the content of proso millet with opaque index and tensile index all reached extremely significant level(p<0.01) except stretching ratio. This suggested that the addition of proso millet flour should be chosen based on the demand of product and rheological characteristics when the product of mixed flour were produced.
Variations in flavonoid content and antioxidant activity during the processing of tartary buckwheat noodles
WANG Li-ping, CAI Ting, LIU Ming, TIAN Xiao-hong, LIU Yan-xiang, WU Na-na, ZHAI Xiao-tong, TAN Bin
2016, (06): 119-123. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.015
Abstract(52) PDF(346)
Tartary buckwheat noodles were made with tartary buckwheat flour at the proportion of 30% mixed into the wheat flour. This research was to discuss the variations in flavonoid and rutin content,existing form and antioxidant activity during the processing of tartary buckwheat noodles as well as during different dough proofing. The correlation between the flavonoid and rutin content and antioxidant capacity was also analyzed.The experiment result showed that the free flavonoid and free rutin content,total flavonoid and total rutin content were increased,DPPH radical scavenging capacity and ABTS+· scavenging capacity for free state extract were enhanced,while bound flavonoid and bound rutin content and antioxidant activity for bound state extract were slight decreased during kneading. Flavonoid and rutin content and antioxidant activity of tartary buckwheat changed smaller during proofing,wet noodle processing and drying. The time of proofing had little influence on the flavonoid and rutin content and DPPH radical,ABTS+· scavenging capacity. Total antioxidant capacity was enhanced along with the extension of proofing time. The flavonoid and rutin content had significant correlation with DPPH radical,ABTS+· scavenging capacity during tartary buckwheat noodles processing(p<0.01),while had poor correlation with the total antioxidant capacity.
Effect of different molecular weight soybean soluble dietary fibers on pasting and rheological properties of rice starch
WANG Ri-si, WAN Jie, LIU Cheng-mei, ZHOU Guo-hui
2016, (06): 124-127. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.016
Abstract(57) PDF(496)
In order to study the effect of soybean soluble dietary fiber(SSDF) with different molecular weight on pasting and rheological of rice starch(RS),rapid visco analyzer(RVA),rheology were employed to investigate the effect of soybean soluble dietary fibers with molecular weight of 27.8 ku for HSSDF and of 9.3 ku for LSSDF. Results of RVA indicated that HSSDF increased the peak and final viscosity of RS,while LSSDF decreased the final viscosity of RS and had no obvious change in peak viscosity. Both of them increased initial pasting temperature but decreased the values of breakdown and setback of RS. Dynamic rheological studies suggested that the addition of SSDF considerably decreased the values of storage modulus of RS. In static rheological studies,adding HSSDF increased consistency coefficient K of RS,both of these two different SSDF shortened lag ring area and fluid index n of RS pastes,made the system more stable. Studies have shown that different molecular weight SSDF,especially the HSSDF,had a significant impact on the RS pasting and rheological properties. This paper could provide certain theoretical basis for application of SSDF in rice products.
Fluorescence spectra analysis of soybean protein in vitro under heat treatment
WANG Rui, LI Yang, WANG Zhong-jiang, SUI Xiao-nan, QI Bao-kun, HAN Fei-fei, BI Shuang, JIANG Lian-zhou
2016, (06): 128-132. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.017
Abstract(51) PDF(500)
The characters of fluorescence spectra of soy protein isolate(SPI) solution in vitro of different heat treatment temperature and different heat treatment time. The results showed that heat treatment had a certain effect on the digestion of soybean protein at different heat treatment temperature and different heat treatment time. The best heat treatment condition of soybean protein was 85 ℃,20 min,which was the best degree and effectiveness of the vitro digestion. The soy protein isolate was heat-treated at different temperatures,digested1 h. With the rise of heating temperature,digested products of λmax increasing redshift,then it started to decrease when the maximum value was reached at 90 ℃.And the fluorescence intensity increased with the heating time,and showed a trend of decline after the first rise. The in vitro simulated digestion of soybean protein isolate 1 h at different heating time,the isolated soy protein digested products of λmax experienced a process,which was first increased,then decreased. And the fluorescence intensity with the increase of heating time and showed different trends.Growing within 0~20 min,reaching maximum at 20 min,continuing to heat up to 60 min,the fluorescence intensity decreased.
2016, (06): 133-136. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.018
Abstract(60) PDF(170)
Screening of wheat flour for frozen dough and correlation analysis of each indicators
QU Min, SUN Zhao-guo, CHEN Feng-lian, REN Jing, BAO Huan, LI Ling-li
2016, (06): 137-141. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.019
Abstract(91) PDF(267)
After determination of the basic ingredient and the rheological properties of the six kinds of commercial wheat flour,and analysis the correlation of each indicators,texture properties analyzer was used to measure the characteristics of frozen dough,finally Beidahuang high gluten wheat flour was chosen to product frozen dough. The correlation analysis results showed that the water absorption was positive correlation with water conten and protein content and maximum tensile resistance(p<0.05) and correlation coefficient respectively was 0.849,0.789,0.828. Formation time was positive correlation with wet gluten and maximum tensile ratio( p < 0.05) and correlation coefficient respectively was 0.900, 0.885. Formation time was extremely positive correlation with tensile resistance and maximum tensile resistance and tensile ratio(p<0.01),correlation coefficient was 0.986,0.958,0.933. Water content was positive correlation with maximum tensile resistance(p<0.05) and correlation coefficient was 0.828. Protein content was extremely positive correlation with tensile resistance and maximum tensile resistance and tensile ratio(p<0.01) and correlation coefficient was 0.986,0.958,0.933.
Antioxidant activities in vitro of pine nut coated-film extracts from Pinus koraiensis
ZHANG Xiao-ru, LI Xing, WANG Bin, WANG Zeng-kai, XU Hong-yan
2016, (06): 142-146. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.020
Abstract(88) PDF(167)
It was to find out the antioxidant activities of Pinus koraiensis pine nut coated-film from Changbai Mountain. 60% ethanol and 50% acetone were used,and the extracts were obtained by vacuum freeze-drying.The purity of total polyphenol and total flavonoids of the extracts were measured by spectrophotometry. The free radical scavenging abilities and reducing iron power also were studied in this experiment. The results showed that polyphenol purity of pine nut coated-film ethanol extract was 39.02%,the flavonoid purity was10.19%. The polyphenol purity of acetone extract was 44.09%,the flavonoid purity was 14.59%. The scavenging capacity of pine nut coated-film extract on ABTS+·,DPPH· and hydroxyl radical(·OH) was of dose-dependent relationship including the ability of reducing iron power. Its scavenging effects on DPPH· and the ability of reducing iron power were better than that of BHT. And scavenging effects of acetone extracts on DPPH· and·OH were notable better than that of ethanol extracts. These results showed that the antioxidant capacity of acetone extracts was higher than that of ethanol extracts. At the same time,there was positive correlation between the antioxidant capacity of Korean pine nut coated-film extracts and the purity of total polyphenol and total flavonoids in experiment extent.
The nutraceutical properties and antioxidant capacity analysis of Summer Black skins from the main four producing areas in Yunnan
TANG Yuan-long, YANG Cheng-tao, ZHUANG Yong-liang, SUN Yun, SUN Li-ping
2016, (06): 147-150. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.021
Abstract(63) PDF(143)
The skins of Summer Black from the main four producing grapes areas in Yunnan was used as the material,its nutraceutical properties and antioxidant activity were analyzed. The antioxidant activity of grape skin extracts were evaluated by DPPH,ABTS+ radical scavenging capacity and reducing power(FRAP). The basic ingredients and composition of the same species were variable,due to the impact of the environmental differences. Main lipids in the skin were unsaturated fatty acids,the main monosaccharide contents of descending order were glucose>arabinose,galacturonic acid,galactose. Proanthocyanidins and polyphenol content in grape skins were significant differences,rutin and catechin were main components of phenolics in grape skins. The peel polyphenols had high antioxidant activity with IC50 values were 13.34~14.86 μg/m L for DPPH,9.15~10.64 μg/m L for ABTS+and 32.63~34.24 μg/m L for FRAP.
Effect of wheat bran dietary fiber on the quality of emulsion type sausage
GAO Xiao-guang, FENG Sui, YANG Tao, LIU Shuang, ZHANG Xing, HE Fei, GUO Xu-qian
2016, (06): 151-154. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.022
Abstract(130) PDF(216)
The application characteristics in emulsion type sausage of wheat bran and effect of different adding proportion on quality were studied. After the orthogonal test,the best application conditions for wheat bran dietary fiber in emulsion type sausage were 6 % wheat bran, 10 ∶ 90 ratio of fat and lean and high speed chopping(1000,3000,3000 r/min). The sausage which made under these conditions had good taste,instrumental colour and texture parameters. Sensory characteristics and nutritive peculiarity had been enhanced.
Structural characterization of a polysaccharide from cultured Cordyceps militaris with antioxidant activity
CHEN Xiao-li, WU Guang-hong, HUANG Zhuo-lie
2016, (06): 155-159. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.023
Abstract(81) PDF(257)
A polysaccharide W-CBP80 Ⅰ was isolated from the fruiting bodies of cultured Cordyceps militaris and characterized using GPC,GC-MS,IR,~1H NMR and 13C NMR. The results indicated that it contained α-type glycosidic linkages and was mainly composed of α-mannose,α-galactose and α-glucose. Its main component was low molecular weight polysaccharide with Mwof 8.93×10~3. In addition,W-CBP80Ⅰ exhibited scavenging capacities against DPPH,hydroxyl and superoxide radicals in the antioxidant assay in vitro.
The rheological properties of agar and their effects on stability of drinking yoghurt
TIAN Fen, OU Kai, GAO Xing-hua, WANG Yin-juan, LI Xiao-hong, WU Wei-du
2016, (06): 160-163. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.024
Abstract(73) PDF(572)
The agar as the research object was tested G″ and G′ by frequency scanning method,then was researched how it effected on the stability of drinking yoghurt.The results demonstrated that adding agar could remarkably increase the samples' G′/G″,specifically,0.08% agar addition of sample had a wider range(0~10 Hz)of elastic character than the other samples that had the narrow ranges 0 ~2 Hz. Different amounts of agar addition had the ordinal consistency of trends of G′ and G″,from strong to weak,being 0.16%>0.12%>0.08%>0.04% >0.00%. Stay results of samples were the same as the results of precipitation rates,the sample states became better and precipitation rates got less when the amounts of agar addition increased gradually,and0.08% agar addition was the best volume that made the sample get the most optimal stability,then sample states became worse and precipitation rates got more when the amounts of agar addition reached gradually to the limited level. In conclusion,adding the appropriate amount of agar into the drink yoghurt will perfectly stabilize the whole system,when the addition of the agar was more or less than this suitable amount,the system will be unstable.
Effect of emulsifying salts modification on the functionality of milk protein concentrate
SUN Yan-jun
2016, (06): 164-169. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.025
Abstract(112) PDF(77)
The research presented the effect of emulsifying salts on the composition,particle size(D50),solubility,surface hydrophobicity( H0), and molecular weight of MPC85. The results showed that SCS monomer or mixtured with SPP could change the particle size and solubility of MPC85 significantly( p < 0. 05) and also shorten the time to reach the stable particle and solubility. The addition of SCS decreased the particle size of MPC85 from 31.37 μm to 20.67 μm. In the rehydration process,MPC85 fortified with SCS came to a stable particle size within only 360 min. And as a function of SCS increased,not only the particle size of SCS-SPS fortified MPC85 decreased significantly( p < 0. 05), also the solubility of MPC85 increased from 77. 42 % to81.43%. At the same time,the time to reach to stable solubility was shortened. Emulsifying salts(ES) could change the structure of protein,then exposing more of the hydrophobic grouping,which improved H0 of MPC85. The molecular weight of protein >60 ku was decreased with the binary ES. Several lower protein presented between κ-CN and β-LG in MPC85 with SPP and SPS.
Rheological and gel properties of potato starch and pea starch blends
ZHANG Zheng-mao, WANG Zhi-hua, YAN Yong-bin, QIN Cai-qin
2016, (06): 170-173. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.026
Abstract(96) PDF(349)
Potato starch was mixed with pea starch at different proportion. The pasting properties,rheological properties and gel strength of the blends were investigated by dynamic rheometer and texture analyzer. The results indicated that the pasting temperature of blends decreased with increasing of potato starch ratio,which decreased from 70.1 ℃ to 64.6 ℃. When total starch concentration was 6%,the storage modulus G′ of blends were the largest(810.1 and 814.7 Pa) with 1∶5 and 1∶11 ratio of potato starch and pea starch. However,the loss modulus G″ of blends were the maximum(41.0 and 41.6 Pa) at 1∶3 or 1∶5 ratio. As the ratio of potato starch and pea starch was 1∶11 and 1∶5,the blends had smaller Tanδ,better gel forming ability and larger gel strength(98.5~100.1 g) than those of other ratios.
Antioxidant activity and bioavailability of the Pacific cod meat peptides during simulated gastrointestinal digestion and absorption
HUO Yan-jiao, WANG Bo, GUO Shan-shan, LI Bo, LUO Yong-kang
2016, (06): 174-178. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.027
Abstract(121) PDF(662)
Antioxidant activity and bioavailability of the Pacific cod(Gadus macrocephalus) protein peptide were determined during in vitro gastrointestinal digestion model and Caco-2 cell monolayer model simulated the process of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. The results showed that TEAC activity of fish protein peptide had no obvious variation during gastrointestinal digestion,while DPPH scavenging capacity significantly(p <0.05) reduced after pepsin digestion and obviously picked up but below(p <0.05) the level of before digestion after intestinal digestion. The peptide nitrogen content and antioxidant activity of the absorption components increased(p<0.05) during absorption. The bioavailability of protein peptides was higher than fish meat(9. 1 %), especially, low- molecular- weight fraction of protein peptides had the highest bioavailability(46.2%). The cod protein peptide had antioxidant activity and pretty bioavailability after gastrointestinal digestion and absorption,which provided theoretical evidence for the cod protein peptide development.
The Maillard reaction of inulin with arginine and the antioxidant activity of inulin derivatives
WU Hui-lun, ZHANG Yi-ming, GUAN Man, JIANG Hai-yun, XIE Jing, SUN Tao
2016, (06): 179-181. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.028
Abstract(160) PDF(277)
The Maillard reaction was occurred by heating inulin and arginine(the ratio of amine group in inulin and carbonyl group in arginine was 1∶5) at 100 ℃. The products of 10,40 and 70 h were prepared and named IR10,IR40 and IR70,respectively. p H,UV-vis absorbance and fluorescence were determined during Maillard reaction and the derivatives were characterized by FTIR. Their antioxidant activities were evaluated. The results revealed that the p H of the reaction system decreased during Maillard reaction. The UV-vis absorbance at 296 nm increased during the reaction. With 323 nm excited wavelength and 408 nm emission wavelength,the fluorescence intensity increased with the increase of reaction time. Infrared spectrum analysis showed that the Maillard derivatives retained the characteristic absorption peaks of inulin. Three kinds of inulin derivatives had weaker antioxidant activity compared with tea polyphenol,but it was stronger than inulin(its abilities to scavenge DPPH and reducing capacity were almost zero) and the antioxidant activity increased with the increase of reaction time.
Impact of overexpression of NADH oxidase on exopolysaccharide production in Lactobacillus casei LC2W
LI Nan, YOU Chun-ping, LIU Zhen-min
2016, (06): 182-186. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.029
Abstract(86) PDF(140)
To investigate the effect of NADH oxidase gene(nox) on the production of exopolysaccharide from Lactobacillus casei LC2 W,nox gene was obtained by PCR amplification with the genomic DNA of Streptococcus mutans as template. It was subcloned into a lactobacilli vector to construct the recombinant expression plasmid p IB184-nox. By electroporation,p IB184-nox was introduced into Lactobacillus casei LC2 W,resulting in the recombinant strain designated as LC-nox. Under anaerobic condition,LC-nox overexpressed NADH oxidase to a level of 0.7 U/m L,while it was elevated to 2.65 U/m L under aerobic condition. Detected by HPLC,the lactate concentration in the fermentation broth showed negative correlation with NADH oxidase activity. The carbon source saved was used for the biosynthesis of exopolysaccharide(EPS). The highest yield of EPS was reached at 263.7 mg/L under aerobic fermentation,which was increased by 75.4% compared to that of the starting strain. A novel theoretical basis was provided for the regulation of EPS biosynthesis in lactobacillus.
Enzymatic characteristics of polyphenol oxidase from blueberry
HAN Chun-ran, LI Xiu-juan, WEI Jing, WANG Xin
2016, (06): 187-190. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.030
Abstract(55) PDF(378)
To study the enzymatic characteristics of polyphenol oxidase from blueberry,the main factors that affect the activity of polyphenol oxidase(PPO) from blueberry were studied,including p H,temperature,metal ion,inhibitor and thermal stability. The results showed that the optimum p H of blueberry was 6.5 and the optimum temperature was 30 ℃. Ca2+and Mn2+ inhibited the blueberry PPO,but Cu2+,Mn2+,Mg2+,Zn2+and Fe3+ had the activation of blueberry PPO. Citric acid,ascorbic acid,L-cysteine and sodium bisulfite could effectively inhibit PPO activity,and the citric acid inhibition effect was poor. And the thermal stability test showed that blueberry PPO had poor heat resistance,and high temperature could inhibit the activity of PPO.
Optimization of enzymatic preparation of feruloylated oligosaccharides from black-grained wheat
YI Xin, SUN Yuan-lin, CHEN Shu-jun, SHAN Fang, LI Yun-long, CUI Xiao-rui
2016, (06): 191-195. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.031
Abstract(75) PDF(258)
The enzymatic preparation of feruloylated oligosaccharides from black-grained wheat was studied.The insoluble dietary fiber was then hydrolyzed by xylanase to release feruloylated oligosaccharides(FOs). The content and composition of FOs were analyzed by HPLC,combining with dual-wavelength method and thin layer chromatography(TLC). Based on the single factor experiments of enzyme dosage,reaction time,p H,and temperature,with FOs concentration as response value,the process for enzymatic production of FOs was optimized by using response surface methodology employing a four-level,three-variable central composition rotatable design. The optimum reaction conditions were as follows:preparing for 22 h at 46 ℃,with enzyme concentration of 15.5 mg/L and p H4.8. Under the conditions,FOs content of the product was 0.4913 mmol/L.The results of TLC and HPLC showed that the oligosaccharides of hydrolyzate containing conjugated ferulic acid which was feruloylated oligosaccharides.
Screening of sauce flavor producing bacteria and flavor compounds research
ZHAO Xing-xiu, HE Yi-guo, ZHAO Chang-qing, FANG Chun-yu, ZHANG Jing, ZOU Wei
2016, (06): 196-200. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.032
Abstract(63) PDF(319)
Five different forms of strain were isolated from a winery in Sichuan sauce flavor Daqu, colony morphology,Gram stain and sensory evaluation of which were conducted and sauce producing bacteria was screened,and the sauce flavor compounds were analyzed by HS-SPME combined with GC-MS. The results showed that,BL-1,BL-2 and BL-5 could produce sauce flavor,which were Bacillus subtilis analyzed by the physiological and biochemical mechods. The results detected by HS-SPME and GC-MS showed that the type and content of pyrazine and ketones were more than others among the sauce ingredients of the three strain.The relative content of pyrazines and ketones in BL-1 was 75.286%,and the relative content of pyrazines and ketones in BL-2 was 93.803%,and the relative content of pyrazines and ketones in BL-5 was 86.92%,which showed that pyrazine and ketones were greater contribution on producing sauce flavor than others.
Preparation and properties of cross-linked enzyme aggregates of cattle pancreatic lipase
CUI Jian-dong, LIU Rong-lin
2016, (06): 201-205. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.033
Abstract(66) PDF(88)
In this study,cross-linked enzyme aggregates(CLEAs) of cattle pancreatic lipase(CPL-CLEAs) was prepared by cross-linked enzyme aggregates technology,the preparation conditions,catalysis properties,and dynamics parameters of CPL-CLEAs were investigated. The results showed that the optimum conditions of the preparation of CPL- CLEAs were as followed : final saturability of the ammonium sulfate was 80 %, final concentration of glutaraldehyde was 1. 5 %, and corss- link time was 1 h. Under this condition, the highest activity recovery reached 90%. In addition,compared to free lipase,the optimum temperature of CPL-CLEAs was 60 ℃,which was increased about 10 ℃. The thermal stability,operational stability,and storage stablility of CPL-CLEAs were significantly enhanced compared with free lipase. Furthermore,the CPL-CLEAs still retained 43% of its initial activity after consecutive 7 cycles.
Effect of protective agents on lactic acid bacteria of koumiss powder by vacuum freeze-drying
WANG Wei, WANG Xiao-biao, YIN Na, ZHANG Ya-nan, YANG Bo-ruo, GU Li-nazi, WU Yun
2016, (06): 206-210. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.034
Abstract(87) PDF(346)
In order to improve the viable count of lactic acid bacteria in koumiss powder produced by vacuum freeze- drying, 3 kinds of freeze- drying protective agents were screened by two level fractional factorial design,and the central point of response surface experiment was confirmed by the steepest ascent experiment.The optimal additions of 3 freeze-drying protective agents were 2.30%(W/V) of maltodextrin,3.50%(W/V) of trehalose and 3.10%(W/V) of α-cyclodextrin. Under the optimal conditions,the viable count of lactic acid bacteria in koumiss powder was up to(8.78±0.10)×108CFU/g.The freeze-drying koumiss powder had higher viable count of lactic acid bacteria and good flavor and quality,which could provide theoretical basis for processing of mare's milk and its' production.
Optimization of enzymatic defatted conditions of tilapia skin by response surface methodology
JIANG Li, LU Jian-feng, LV Shun, JIANG Shao-tong, LIN Lin
2016, (06): 211-215. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.035
Abstract(81) PDF(188)
In this study,the tilapia skin was as the raw material,and the lipase was used to remove fat from tilapia skin. On the basis of single-factor experiments,Box-Behnken central composite design combined with response surface methodology(RSM) was utilized to optimize the defatted conditions of tilapia skin. Three variables(defatted temperature,defatted time and enzyme dosage) were involved in this experiment,and the defatted rate was as the measure indicator. The results showed that the optimum defatted conditions for tilapia skin were pH9,enzyme dosage 0.5%,temperature 39 ℃,and defatted time 56 min. The defatted rate at this condition could reach 63.71%.
Optimization of growth of lactic acid bacteria in synbiotics koumiss by central composite design
WANG Xiao-biao, WU Yun, WANG Lu, MIAO Sen, GU Li-nazi, ZHANG Ya-nan, WANG Wei
2016, (06): 216-220. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.036
Abstract(80) PDF(130)
In order to study the effects of different oligosaccharides on the growth of lactic acid bacteria in synbiotics koumiss,three oligosaccharides for promoting the growth of lactic acid bacteria were screened via single factor experiment,and the optimal additions of three substrates were confirmed by central composite design and response surface analysis. The results indicated that the optimal additions of three oligosaccharides were 1.30%(W/V) of galacto-oligosaccharides,0.80%(W/V) of isomaltooligosaccharide and 0.40%(W/V) of xylooligosaccharides. Under the optimal conditions,the viable counts of lactic acid bacteria could reach up to(5.97±0.16)×10~8 CFU/m L,which revealed an increase by 70.57%.
Enzymatic hydrolysis process of silver carp head
YAN Jing-fang, ZHANG Li-juan, YAN Zhi-yong, WANG Long-gang, WU Ben-yue, ZHANG Sheng-sheng, WANG Yu-feng
2016, (06): 221-224. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.037
Abstract(72) PDF(137)
In this paper,the head of silver carp,the most important part of fish byproducts were taken as raw materials. The hydrolysis effects of papain,trypsin,flavourzyme,neutral protease and alkali protease were compared and selected,with the content of amino nitrogen in the hydrolysate as an index. The hydrolysis process was optimized by orthogonal tests on the basis of single factor,and the composition of free amino acid in hydrolysate was analyzed. The results showed that trypsin could be selected as the best hydrolysis enzyme,and the maximal content of amino nitrogen in hydrolysate reached 63.69 mg with the following conditions:hydrolysis temperature of 55 ℃,p H8.0,the ratio of water to materials 1∶3,enzyme concentration 80 U/g,and the content of free amino acid in hydrolysate was higher.
Cloning,expression and characterization of laccase from Bacillus subtilis
YOU Qing, XU Wei
2016, (06): 225-228. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.038
Abstract(76) PDF(228)
To express laccase cotA gene from Bacillus subtilis in Escherichia coli expression system,cotA gene was cloned from Bacillus subtilis QM11 genome DNA by PCR. Plasmid p ET22 b containing cotA gene was constructed and transferred into competent Escherichia coli BL21(DE3) and the expression of recombinant protein was proved by SDS-PAGE.The gene cotA contained 1542 nucleotides,comprising one open reading frame encoding a polypeptide of 513 amino acids with 58 ku of relative molecular weight and predicted p I value of 5.91 and there was no signal peptide in cotA. The secondary structure of cotA was mainly β-sheet and random coil,β-sheet was 26.71% and random coil was 52.05%. There were twelve-site mutations between the nucleotide sequence from Bacillus subtilis QM11 and cotA(NCBI Gen Bank :GQ184294.1) from Bacillus subtilis,which could result in four amino acid substitution. The molecular weight of cotA gene protein was estimated to be 54 ku by SDS-PAGE.
Screening and characterization of an excellent Lactobacillus isolated from pickle
LI Jing, WANG Yao, DENG Mao-cheng
2016, (06): 229-232. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.039
Abstract(94) PDF(482)
To obtain excellent and pure breed strain suitable for producing fermented vegetable products,strains were isolated,screened from pickle using plate screening as well as fermentation screening method. And then,optimizing species were identified using morphological,physiological and biochemical properties and 16 S rDNA analysis technology. Finally,further study on fermentation characteristics of the target strain carried out a series of fermentation test. A strain named LP-09,with maximum lactic acid-producing,was isolated from pickle and identified as Lactobacillus plantarum. Results of fermentation tests showed that the optimal temperature and initial p H suitable for strain LP-09 were 37 ℃ and 6.0,respectively. Meanwhile,the strain owned better salt tolerance because it could grow normally in culture media with 40 g/L Na Cl,or could keep fermenting and producing lactic acid even at 100 g/L Na Cl concentration continuously and slowly. At the same time,strain LP-09 possessed quite strong ability to degrade nitrite and degradation rate of 200 mg/L nitrite could reach more than 99.3%.
Study on using lactic acid bacteria improve the content of soluble protein and total phenol of wheat germ and its ability to inhibit oxidation of liposome
WU Juan, ZENG Xiao-jiao, CHENG Yu, DONG Ying
2016, (06): 233-238. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.040
Abstract(98) PDF(249)
On the basis of single factor trials,optimized fermentation conditions of wheat germ fermented by lactic acid bacteria were investigated using orthogonal experiment. The content of water-soluble protein and total polyphenols in fermented wheat germ was used as indicators in these trials. And the ability of fermented wheat germ to inhibit liposome oxidation was investigated. The results showed that the content of soluble protein and total polyphenols were significantly influenced by initial p H. The optimal conditions for the soluble protein content were indicated as initial p H5.0,vitamin B6 concentration 150 μmol/L,fermentation time 12 h and fermentation temperature 35 ℃. While the optimal conditions for the total polyphenols content were indicated as initial p H5.0,vitamin B6 concentration 100 μmol/L,fermentation time 36 h and fermentation temperature 35 ℃.The concentration of soluble protein and polyphenols in optimal conditions were 24.86 mg/m L and 0.876 mg/m L respectively,which increased by 1.74 times and 1.45 times respectively when compared with raw materials.Meanwhile,the ability of the water-soluble components of wheat germ in retarding liposome oxidation was increased by lactic acid fermentation with the inhibition rate of 45.5%. The results of ·OH scavenging capacity and Fe2+ chelating capacity showed that the ability of fermented wheat germ to retard liposome oxidation was related with its ·OH scavenging capacity.
Study on virulence genes distribution and molecular subtyping of Vibrio parahaemolyticus from different food resources
CHEN Jing, HUANG Jian-fei, LIU Cong-cong, LIU Ling-yan, LAI Xiao-hong, YANG Guo-wu, LAN Quan-xue
2016, (06): 239-241. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.041
Abstract(62) PDF(129)
The distribution of virulence genes、serogroup and molecular subtyping of Vibrio parahaemlyticus isolated from different resources of food were analysed,which contribute to provide scientific evidence for surveillance and source tracking. Forty strains of Vibrio parahaemolyticus genomes were extracted,VcrD1,Vp1680,Vop P,VcrD2 were amplified by PCR and tdh,trh,tlh genes were detected by Real-time fluorescent PCR. All of strains were subtyped by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis and serotyped. PFGE patterns were clustered by Bionumerics software. Virulence genes tdh,trh,Vop P and Vcr D2 were not detected,genes of tlh,VcrD1 and Vp1680 were all positive detected. Sixteen serotypes were observed,the serotyping of 9 isolates failed. The major were O2∶K28 and O5∶K17. No predominant serotype was detected. Thirty-nine PFGE patterns were detected and no predominant pattern. No virulence genes were detected. The isolates from food resource showed diversified serotype feature and far genetic distance.
Optimization of phosphorylation modification conditions of albumin edible film by response surface methodology
ZHENG You, JIA Liang, DUAN Rong, MA Ying-ying
2016, (06): 242-249. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.042
Abstract(65) PDF(128)
With the egg albumin as raw material,edible films were achieved. Effects of phosphorylation modification on properties of edible films were studied. With sodium triphosphate addition,reaction time,reaction temperature and p H value,being response factors and elongation,tensile strength,oil permeability,water vapor permeability being response values,the phosphorylation modification conditions of edible film was optimized through response surface methodology. The results showed that the optimal phosphorylation modification conditions were sodium triphosphate addition 21.24 g/100 g protein,reaction time 2 h,reaction temperature 45 ℃ and p H value 9.6. Under this condition,the properties of edible films were(75.394±5.276)%,(4.887±0.119) MPa,(0.882±0.009) g·mm/(m2·d),(3.501±0.088) g·mm/(m2·d·k Pa),approaching to the predicted values,77.124%,4.911 MPa,0.868 g·mm/(m2·d),3.458 g·mm/(m2·d·k Pa),so the optimal results were reliable.
Adsorption of flavonoids from tussilago farfara by chitosan-graft-4,4'-dihydroxychalcone modified silica gel
HAN Cong-cong, XU Yi, ZHANG Xiao-feng, CAO Kun, ZHANG Qing, ZOU Sheng
2016, (06): 250-254. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.043
Abstract(84) PDF(108)
A silica based cross linking chitosan grafted with 4, 4 '-dihydroxychalcone( D-Chitosan@Si) was designed and prepared for selective separation and enrichment of flavonoids. The factors which affect the adsorption capacity of D-Chitosan@Si and the absorption mechanism were discussed in detail. The experimental results showed that the adsorption of Quercetin on D-Chitosan@Si was described by the Langmuir model,and the adsorption followed the pseudo second order kinetics equation,was controlled by multiple. D-Chitosan@Si was also successfully used to separate the flavonoids of tussilago farfara,the absorptive capacitythe of flavonoids was 52.31 mg/g and the purity was increased from 18.9% to 85.6%. It indicated that D-Chitosan@Si had high selectivity on enrichment flavonoids.
Ultrasonic assisted in the extraction of phytic acid from soybean residue produced by enzymatic aqueous processing
JIANG Lian-zhou, MAO Hui-ting, BI Shuang, QI Bao-kun, SUI Xiao-nan, WANG Zhong-jiang, LI Jia-ni, LI Yang
2016, (06): 255-259. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.044
Abstract(52) PDF(232)
Soybean residue produced by enzymatic aqueous processing of soybean oil was used as the raw material to prepare phytic acid through the steps of ultrasonic-assisted extraction and compared with shaking extraction. Optimal ultrasonic conditions were determined by single factor and orthogonal tests,selecting ultrasonic power,ultrasonic temperature and ultrasonic time. On the basis of ultrasonic treatment,optimal extraction conditions of phytic acid were studied by using Box-Behnken central composite design and response surface analysis theory. Results showed that the optimal ultrasonic conditions were ultrasonic temperature50 ℃,ultrasonic power 500 W and ultrasonic time 20 min. The optimal extraction conditions were acetic acid concentration 4.1%,ratio of solid to liquid 1∶17 g/m L,extraction temperature 64 ℃,extraction time 33 min. Under these conditions,the average phytic acid yield was 1.23%,which was higher than that of shaking extraction by 41.3%.
Study of saccharification and fermentation conditions in the process of glucuronic acid preparation
WANG Li-ping, LI Xiang, SHI Chun-lan, PENG Xi-feng
2016, (06): 260-263. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.045
Abstract(72) PDF(136)
Using the oxidation starch as raw material,the glucuronic acid was obtained by the processes of saccharification and fermentation. The conditions of saccharifying enzyme reaction and the yeast fermentation was studied,and the glucuronic acid of saccharification liquid and fermented liquid was regarded as evaluation standard. The results showed that the optimal conditions of saccharifing were as follows:reaction at 55 ℃ for12 h and amount of saccharifying enzyme was 1 m L in the 75 g of oxidation starch. The optimal conditions of fermentation were 25 m L saccharification liquid with 2.0 g yeast,temperature of 35 ℃ for 4 d. The research provided the theoretical guidance for the preparation of high content of glucuronic acid and the application of oxidized starch.
Preparation of ACE inhibitory peptides from Brazil nut protein by enzymatic hydrolysis
JIA Ye-ye, TIAN Hong-lei, ZHAN Ping, XING Hui-hui, CHEN Rui
2016, (06): 264-269. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.046
Abstract(76) PDF(132)
Based on single-enzyme screening and single-factor tests analysis,the preparation conditions of ACE inhibitory peptides from Brazil nut protein were studied with response surface analysis methodology. The effects of four factors,including the time of enzymatic hydrolysis,the temperature,initial p H and substrate concentration,were mainly discussed on the enzymatic hydrolysis. Using the ACE inhibitory rate as responses,the optimum conditions of alcalase enzymatic hydrolysis were determined as enzymatic hydrolysis time 114 min,enzymatic hydrolysis temperature 57 ℃,initial p H10,3.24% concentration of the substrate,dosage of enzyme2000 U/g,and then the inhibition ratio of ACEIP was 69.83%. The results of the research were the basis for the efficient utilization of the Brazil nut protein.
Research on technology of preparing potato cationic starch by ultrasound-assisted half-dry method
HUANG Yu-yang, XI Ke-wei, JIANG Hai-hua
2016, (06): 270-274. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.047
Abstract(86) PDF(89)
The potato cationic starch was prepared using potato starch as a material,2,3-epoxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chloride as a etherifying reagent and sodium hydroxide as a catalyst by the ultrasound-assisted half-dry method. On the basis of the experiment of the single factor,the technology parameters for preparing potato cationic starch were optimized by response surface methodology. The results showed that the optimum technology conditions were as follow:ultrasonic power 115 W,ultrasonic time 40 min,etherification temperature60 ℃,etherification time 3 h. Under the optimal technological conditions,the degree of substitution was 0.141,and the reaction efficiency was 85.16%. The ultrasonic treatment could significantly improve the degree of substitution and reaction efficiency of potato cationic starch.
Effect of carrageenan combination ultra high pressure treatment on the quality of chicken meat products
MA Ya-ping, KANG Zhuang-li, WANG Jia-nan, LI Xiang, PAN Run-shu, MA Han-jun
2016, (06): 275-279. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.048
Abstract(78) PDF(368)
Chicken breast was selected as raw materials to discuss the effect of high pressure treatment and carrageenan on the quality of minced chicken products. Based on single factor experiment,orthogonal experiment was used to select carrageenan addition,pressure levels and holding time. The index were water loss rate,cooking loss,color,gel property. The results showed that the minced chicken products would have the best treatment effect :water-holding capacity of 62.41%,hardness of 12641.72 g and had a good gel when the carrageenan added 0.6%,400 MPa pressure,holding pressure for 5 min. This study indicated that UHP treatment with carrageenan addition could improve the yield of minced chicken products and formation of chicken meat products.
Study on microwave-assisted extraction and purification of flavonoids from Perilla frutescens leaves
DU Yan, LI Rong, JIANG Zi-tao
2016, (06): 280-286. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.049
Abstract(82) PDF(195)
Objective : To study the extraction process of Perilla frutescens( L.) Britt. leaves flavonoids and purification process. Methods:The extraction conditions of flavonoids of Perilla frutescens(L.) Britt. leaves were optimized by response surface design and single factor experiment. The flavonoids from Perilla frutescens(L.)Britt. leaves were purified by AB-8 macroporous resin and preparative chromatography. Results:The optimal extraction conditions were:ethanol concentration,ratio of liquid to material,extraction temperature,initial microwave power, and extraction time were 63 %, 41 ∶ 1(m L / g), 72 ℃, 500 W and 7 min, respectively. Under these conditions,the yield of flavonoids was 7.81%. The optimal purification conditions of macroporous resin were:the sample solution passed through the resin column at a flow rate of 2 BV/h and p H2. Subsequently,the column was eluted by 70% alcohol at a flow rate of 3 BV/h. The purity of flavonoids increased from 21.24% to 53.10%.The flavonoids were divided into two groups by preparative chromatography. Conclusion:The optimum extraction technology of flavonoids from Perilla frutescens( L.) Britt. leaves by response surface was convenient and effective. The results indicated that the feasibility of macroporous resin and preparative chromatography for purification of flavonoids.
Response surface experiment optimize natural edible fungus paper production process and physical properties research
GAO Ting-ting, WU Yu-ying, LIU Yang, WANG Da-wei
2016, (06): 287-290. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.050
Abstract(111) PDF(147)
Response surface methodology( RSM) and univariate was used to optimize natural edible f ungus paper production process. The effects of main parameters including the thickness of the coating,liquid ratio,agaric powder particle size,which affected the modified process were studied. Using texture analyzer fungus flakes hardness,cohesion,elasticity,adhesive and chewing gum and other physical indicators were measured.Results showed that the factors affecting the order from large to small was agaric powder particle size>watermaterial ratio>coating thickness. The results showed that when the thickness of the coating was 1.1 mm,watermaterial ratio was 15.2∶1 m L/g and agaric powder particle size was 200 mesh. The sensory score could reach 97.2. Under the process conditions,physical properties of the black fungus paper were hardness 5.42,cohesiveness 1.71,cohesion 1.24,elastic plastic viscosity 5.35,chewiness 1.37.
Optimization of extraction conditions of polysaccharides from Campanumoea javanica Blume by response surface methodology and evaluation of its neurotrophic activities
ZHANG Zhan-jun, YANG Xiao-sheng
2016, (06): 291-297. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.051
Abstract(100) PDF(360)
Extraction optimization, purification and physicochemical properties of polysaccharides from Campanumoea javanica Blume( CJP) were investigated. The neurotrophic activity of polysaccharides from C. javanica Blume were investigated by PC12 cell assay. Single factor experiment and response surface methodology(RSM) were used to optimize the extraction conditions of CJP. As a result,the optimal conditions were as follows : extraction temperature, 67 ℃, extraction time, 52 min, and ratio of water to raw material,17 ∶ 1 m L / g. The crude CJP were purified by DEAE- Cellulose 52 chromatography and Sephadex G- 100 chromatography to afford CJPH and CJPN. The content of total sugar,protein,uronic acid and sulfate were analyzed by chemical analysis methods. HPLC analysis showed that CJPH and CJPN were homogeneous polysaccharide,the molecular weights of CJPH and CJPN were 3923 u and 7215 u,respectively. Monosaccharide composition analysis was acted by using the GC method. Infrared spectroscopy analysis indicated that CJPH and CJPN showed typical peaks of polysaccharide. The assay of PC12 cell showed that CJPH and CJPN had neurotrophic activity. Studies had shown that CJPH and CJPN could obviously repairing nerve cell damage,they had certain development value.
Preparation and properties of pectin/xanthan gum blend films
LIU Yi-wu, LIU Ying, XIE Feng, WANG Bi
2016, (06): 298-301. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.052
Abstract(74) PDF(375)
The performance of pectin films could be improved by combining with using xanthan gum,which also broaden the application field of pectin. The different mass ratio of pectin to xanthan gum,glycerol concentration,calcium chloride concentration as factors,the effect water absorption,dissolution rate,tensile strength,the water vapor permeability,hygroscopicity,moisturizing efficiency,and elongation at break of pectin/xanthan gum blend membranes were investigated. Membrane structure was characterized by using infrared spectroscopy,X-ray diffraction,scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that a strong interaction between pectin and xanthan gum occurred,and crystallinity of the blend membrane enhanced with the addition of xanthan gum. The blend membrane could possess better properties when the mass ratio of pectin to xanthan gum was 9 ∶1,0.5 m L glycerol and 2% calcium chloride. The water absorption was 231.03%,moisturizing efficiency was 84.41%,tensile strength was 59.850 MPa,the water vapor permeability was 7.428×10(-3)g·m-1·K·Pa-1·d-1
2016, (06): 302-307. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.053
Abstract(49) PDF(273)
Effects of different gas compositions on the quality of orange juice sacs during modified atmosphere storage
LIU Yi, CHENG Li-ping, JIANG He-ti
2016, (06): 308-313. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.054
Abstract(57) PDF(105)
An experimental platform with different gas compositions was applied to study the effects of different storage time on the storage quality of orange juice sacs. Glorious orange juice sacs 72-1 as the materials stored in different conditions of modified atmosphere storage(100% N2, 100% CO2, 50% N2+50% CO2) for 6 months were compared with the control group which stored with frozen storage at-18 ℃ and changes of relevant quality indices were recorded. The results indicated that the content of VC in the orange juice sacs were within the normal range of shelf life. pH and soluble solids had no significant changes. Reducing sugar content initially increased and then decreased. The total plate count met the hygiene standards of fruit juice.Modified atmosphere storage and frozen storage both benefitted the keeping of flavone in the orange juice sacs. Before 2 months,there was no significant changes in the color of orange juice sacs stored in modified atmosphere. In details,100% CO2 had the best antibacterial effect during storage while 100% N2 could help the keeping of VC and flavone and inhibite the browning and changing of the color. On the other hand,reducing sugar content kept the most significantly unchanged in the orange juice sacs stored at 50% N2+50% CO2.
Effects of heat treatment on melon in sugar and lactate metabolic network flux
WANG Hui-song, PANG Guang-chang, LIU Ting-ting
2016, (06): 314-319. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.055
Abstract(101) PDF(186)
In order to further understand the rule of heat treatment on postharvest fruits and vegetables in the metabolism,looking for optimum heat treatment temperature of melon on the metabolism. Melon was used in this study to reveal effects of metabolic network flux at heat treatment. The melon was placed in 45,50 and 55 ℃for three hours,then placed hami melon immediately in optimal storage temperature 8 ℃ under 21 hours,as a blank to 8 ℃ for 24 hours,the metabolic flux of embden meyerhof pathway(EMP),pentose phosphate pathway(PPP),TCA cycle(TCA) and sucrose synthesis pathway(SSP) of hami melon fruit different spatial location at different temperatures were researched. The results showed that higher sugar and lactate flux appeared in the heat treatment group of 50 ℃. Thus,50 ℃ was the optimal heat treatment temperature. This result combined with early work,to summarize the influence of heat treatment on metabolism,with a view to provide a scientific method and theory on the heat treatment to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.
Effect of preharvest Stroby spray and/or chitosan postharvest coating on chilling injury and quality of muskmelon during cold storage
WANG Ting, BI Yang, LI Yong-cai, WANG Yi, SHANG Qi, BAI Xiao-dong, LIU Yao-na, WANG Di
2016, (06): 320-324. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.056
Abstract(77) PDF(269)
Muskmelon(Cucumis melo L.) was sensitive to low temperature,which likely causes chilling injury(CI)during cold storage,and makes a decline in quality,resulting in shelf life shortened. In this study, ‘Manao'muskmelon was used to investigate the effect of 4 time 400 mg/L Stroby spray alone during the fruit development period(young fruit,swelling period,netting period and 48 hours before harvest) and/or 1.5% chitosan postharvest coating on quality and CI of muskmelon during low temperature(5 ℃) storage.The results showed that preharvest Stroby spraying or postharvest chitosan coating alone or their combination effectively reduced the CI of muskmelon,significantly lowered the membrane permeability and the content of MDA in fruit,and that the effect of preharvest Stroby spraying alone was the best as the fruit CI index of this treatment was only about 1/3 of the control fruit. Similarly,anyone of the above three treatments also delayed the decline of TSS and TA,maintained good fruit quality during storage. Among them,preharvest Stroby spraying alone was the best to maintain higher fruit firmness,L* and h° values. Postharvest chitosan coating had the best effect to alleviate the decline of TSS and fruit weight loss.
Effects of intermediate temperature treatment on quality of fresh-cut yam
QIU Song-shan, WANG Yan-an, CHEN Xiao-fang, JIANG Cui-cui, WANG Xiao-ling
2016, (06): 325-329. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.057
Abstract(77) PDF(148)
The effects of intermediate temperature treatment on the quality of fresh-cut yam were studied in order to further enhance the quality of fresh-cut yam during shelf life. This paper investigated the quality change of fresh-cut yam with different intermediate temperatures(room temperature,0±1 ℃,-5±1 ℃) and treatment time and the changes of weight-loss rate,soluble solid content,VCcontent,protein content and so on were determined to get the suitable intermediate temperature treatment of fresh-cut yam. The results showed that intermediate temperature of(-5±1) ℃ had superior storage effect on the samples. After storing 12 days the weight-loss rates were in lower level of 0.65%,the contents of soluble solid and protein were in higher levels of 7.1% and 0.47 mg/g respectively,the loss of VCin fresh-cut yam was suppressed in early period,and the increasing of nitrite stayed in lower level and was 0.22 mg/kg. The contents of soluble solid and titratable acid were 6.5% and 0.52% after intermediate temperature treated 1 h. So that intermediate temperature treatment evidently keeps fresh-cut yam fresh,it's better to treat yam for 1 h at the intermediate temperature of(-5±1) ℃ for storage,contributing to extend shelf life and enhance product quality.
Study on low temperature storage and SO2 preservative on preservation of Thompson Seedless grape
WANG Ning, DENG Bing, LI Zhen, CHEN Ji-luan, CUI Yan, LIANG Li-ya, YAN Shi-jie
2016, (06): 330-334. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.058
Abstract(76) PDF(326)
Thompson Seedless grape was used to investigate the effect of 0 ℃ and-1 ℃ storage temperature with CT- 2 and CT- 5 preservative treatments on the grapes quality. The results showed that low( ice)temperature combined with preservative could inhibit the respiration of fruit,decreased the decay rate,thresh rate and weight loss rate,alleviated the decline of total soluble solids and titratable acidity during the storage,kept the stem pulling resistance at high level.-1 ℃ combined with preservative could reduce the damage of fruit bleaching,the preservation was better,after 70 d,bleaching rates were 2.69%,healthy fruit rates(88.15%)were significantly(p<0.05) higher than other treatments. In conclusion,-1 ℃ combined with preservative could extend the storage period of Thompson Seedless,kept the quality of fruit.
Effect of 1-MCP on the ‘Guichang' kiwi shelf quality after postharvest simulate transport
CAO Sen, WANG Rui, QIAN Bo, XIE Guo-fang, LIU Xiao-yan, MA Li-zhi, GUO Li-can, LU An-ping
2016, (06): 335-340. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.059
Abstract(77) PDF(397)
To investigate the effect of 1-MCP on the postharvest simulate transportation and shelf quality of‘Guichang ' kiwifruit. Firstly the best taste samples were obtained by shelf display,and fruits were fumigated24 h by using different concentrations(0.5,0.75,1 mg/kg) of 1-MCP,loaded in cardboard boxes with the speed of 100 km/h simulation of transport 5 d,then tested shelf index every three days. The results showed that :1-MCP could better maintain fruit shelf quality,and rot rate,MDA content,respiration intensity,ethylene release rate. It could delay the decreasing of hardness,VC content,SOD activity. And the ratio of total soluble solids and total titratable acids,chlorophyll and reducing sugar were better maintained. However 0.75 mg/kg concentration of 1-MCP had the best shelf quality of kiwifruit. The principal component analysis showed that the best texture close to S0 was in sequence of sample 1(control,5 d),sample 8(0.75 mg/kg,11 d),sample 7(0.75 mg/kg,8 d). It proved that 0.75 mg/kg could better maitain the best mouthfeeland shelf life of kiwifruit,and delay the shelf life in the basis of rot rate and best mouthfeel about 11 d. In consquense,treatment with0.75 mg/kg 1-MCP could provide the best shelf quality effect of kiwifruit.
Comparison of nutritional quality and heavy metals of Pseudosciaena crocea in different farmed modes
GUO Quan-you, SONG Wei, JIANG Chao-jun, JIANG Ke-ji, LI Xue-ying, WANG Lu-min
2016, (06): 341-345. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.060
Abstract(92) PDF(316)
Basic nutrient components,fatty acids,amino acids,textural & color properties and heavy mental of Pseudosciaena crocea which were cultured in the deep-water net cage and the raft net cage were analyzed and compared,it will provide the technology support for optimizing farmed styles and preservation & utilization of Pseudosciaena crocea. The results showed that there were no significant differences(p>0.05) in nutrition ingredients including protein,water,fat and ash in both farming modes,but there was a trend towards higher protein and lower fat in the deep-water net cage. The content of saturated fatty acids and mono-unsaturated fatty acids were lower,however,the content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids was higher than the raft net cage. Sixteen amino acids were found in Pseudosciaena crocea of two farmed styles. Glutamic acid was the highest,and cysteine was the lowest in sixteen amino acids. The value of essential amino acids/total amino acids were 41.93%and 41.59% in Pseudosciaena crocea which were cultured in the deep-water net cage and the raft net cage,which were met amino acid score and chemical score standard recommended by FAO/WHO. The deep-water net cage and the raft net cage of Pseudosciaena crocea flavor amino and total amino acid ratio were 40.61% and 40.85%,the difference was not significant(p>0.05). The heavy mental(Cu,Pb,Hg,As,Cd) was met national standards. The color of Pseudosciaena crocea in the raft net cage was yellower,but its hardness,cohesiveness,elasticity,gumminess,chewiness,resilience were lower than Pseudosciaena crocea in deep-water raft net cage,indicating the fish of deep-water tanks was more chewy reared and tasted better.
Protective effect of Lingonberry extraction on chronic stressed mice
WANG Lei, BAO Di, WANG Zhen-yu, HAN Zhan-you, WANG Jia, MA Li
2016, (06): 346-350. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.061
Abstract(74) PDF(135)
In order to study the protective effect of Lingonberry extraction on chronic stressed mice,total 60 male Kunming mice were randomly divided into 6 groups :normal control group,stressed model group,positive group( Fluoxetine 4. 4 mg / kg·d), experience group( low, medium, high dose were 50, 100, 200 mg / kg·d respectively). Use the chronic stress animal model to research anti stress effect of Lingonberry in behavior and physiology. Compared with control group,model mice immobility duration significantly prolonged in tail suspended test(p<0.05),cerebral SOD,GSH-Px and 5-HT decreased(p<0.05),MDA increased(p<0.05),serum NE and 5-HT decreased(p <0.05),GC and ACh E increased(p <0.01,p <0.05 respectively). Compared with model group,the mice of high dose group immobility duration significantly shortened in tail suspended test,low dose group mice cerebral MDA reduced(p<0.05),high dose mice cerebral SOD,high and low dose group mice cerebral 5-HT,and low dose group cerebral tissue GSH-Px content increased(p<0.05). High dose group serum GC and ACh E decreased(p <0.01,p <0.05),middle dose group serum 5-HT increased(p <0.05). In conclusion,Lingonberry can greatly protect the body,reduce the adverse effects of chronic stress on mice.
Effect of the flavonoid fraction of Ampelopsis grossedentata on spontaneously hypertensive rats
ZHAO Xi-lan
2016, (06): 351-355. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.062
Abstract(99) PDF(372)
The present study aimed to assess the effect of the total flavoniods Ampelopsis grossedentata on(TFA) spontaneously hypertensive rats and normotensive rats,TFA was extracted by ultrasonic method and purified by D-101 macroporous resin. The spontaneously hypertensive rats in experimental group were intragastrically administrated with TFA at 100,200 and 400 mg/kg once a day for consecutive 10 weeks. Rats were given intragastrically with 5 mg/kg enalapril as controls. At end of 10 week,some rats were randomly selected for blood pressure determination and were anesthetized for serum preparation. After keeping normally for 2 weeks,the remaining rats were subjected to blood pressure measurement and serum isolation. The concentration of PRA,ANG Ⅱ,ET,NO,SOD,CAT,GSH,MDA were evaluated. After the healthy SD rats were treated with TFA for 6 months,the blood pressure,the concentration of Na+,K+,Cl-and Na+/K+were measured.TFA significantly reduced the blood pressure,the concentration of PRA,ANG II,ET and MDA in serum and increase the level of NO,SOD,CAT,GSH in primary hypertension rats for 10-week treatment. There was no significant changes in blood pressure of control rats after TFA treatment. TFA significantly reduced the blood pressure in primary hypertension rats. The potential mechanism may be related with the antioxidant system regulation by RAAS. No significant effect was observed on healthy rats. All these suggested that ampelopsis grossedentata showed significant effect on preventing hypertension as natural medicine and natural function food.
Research of the edible oil contained DHA affecting the antioxidant activity of SD rats livers
FU Jie, LIN Yuan-feng, LIU Meng, TIAN Hua, CHEN Tao, HE Dong-ping
2016, (06): 356-359. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.063
Abstract(73) PDF(118)
To study the effect of edible oil contained DHA on the antioxidant activity of liver,this paper selected96 early weaning SD male rats(80±10) g,which were divided into 8 groups based on the random number.Table the negative control group(mixing ratio of soybean and peanut oil),positive control group(DHA algae oil),250,500,750 mg DHA were seperately added to 60 g soybean oil,peanut oil,with low,medium,high dose DHA were treatment group.According to the dosage of 1 m L oil per 100 g weight a day and after feeding for 4weeks and 8 weeks respectively,the SOD activity,MDA content and ACh E in the liver tissues of SD rats were detected. The results showed that the SOD activity of liver tissue in middle dosage of DHA group was significantly higher than that in negative control group,the MDA content was significantly lower than that in positive control group and the ACh E had no significant difference. The SOD activity in high dose of DHA group was significantly lower and the MDA content was significantly higher than that in negative control group,positive control group,and the ACh E also had no significant difference. While the other groups had no significant difference in ACh E,SOD activity and MDA content. Appropriate supplement of DHA could enhance the rat body's antioxidant capacity,but the excessive DHA will bring a negative effect.
A review on aflatoxins determination methods in China 's national and industry standards
MA Hai-hua, SUN Ji-zhou, ZHEN Tong, ZHANG Yuan, XIA Shan-hong
2016, (06): 360-366. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.064
Abstract(95) PDF(904)
Aflatoxins were widely found in nature,wich could contaminate many kinds of agriculture products and food,causing serious harm to the health of humans. Now,absolutely effective strategies do not have been developed for avoiding aflatoxins contamination. Therefore,establishing regulations and standards designed to standardize aflatoxins detection and strengthen supervision were considered to be very important. Till Jan.2015,there were totally twenty-one national and industry standards for aflatoxins existing in our country,consisting eleven standards that were issued and entered into force between 2010 and 2015. This review dealt with seven determination methods applied in standards. High performance liquid chromatography was now widely used as an authoritative quantitative confirmatory method,and High Performance Liquid Chromatography was a simple qualitative method for fast screening detection. Based on these,the current status in development and revision of the standards were further discussed. Meanwhile,the trends of technologies for aflatoxins determination were proposed.
Review on the effects of hydrocolloid on physicochemical properties of starch
GUO Xiao-juan, LIU Cheng-mei, WU Jian-yong, ZHOU Guo-hui, LI Zhong-qiang
2016, (06): 367-371. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.065
Abstract(68) PDF(814)
Effects of hydrocolloids on physicochemical properties of starch were reviewed in this paper,including pasting properties,rheological properties,gel properties,retrogradation properties,thermal properties and filmforming ability. Furthermore,the interaction mechanism of starch and hydrocolloids was discussed,and the application of starch-hydrocolloid mixed system was also introduced. This paper may provide a theoretical basis for selection and use of hydrocolloids.
Research advance on the active constituents of different parts of Acanthopanax sessiliflorus and its edible and medicinal values
LI He, HU Wen-zhong, JIANG Ai-li, LIU Cheng-hui, BAI Xue, LI Xiao-bo, YU Xue
2016, (06): 372-376. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.066
Abstract(75) PDF(427)
Acanthopanax sessiliflorus Seem was the typical plants of the genus Acanthopanax in Araliaceae and its different parts have various edible and medicinal values. This paper summarized the research about the main active constituents(such as flavonoids,glycosides,lignans,volatile oil,et al.) in the roots,stems,leaves,fruits and related functions of Acanthopanax sessiliflorus. The paper also prospected for the development of Acanthopanax sessiliflorus and provided theoretical basis for future exploitation of it.
2016, (06): 377-382. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.067
Abstract(54) PDF(1113)
Research progress on gut microbiota homeostasis and human health
LIU Rui-xue, LI Yong-chao, ZHANG Bo
2016, (06): 383-387. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.068
Abstract(59) PDF(2840)
The human gut was colonized by a wide diversity of micro-organisms,which were known to play a key role in the human host. It will not only lead to intestinal dysbacteriosis but also induce and aggravate various diseases when the balance of the intestinal flora was disturbed by host and external environment change. Supplementing probiotics and prebiotics by nutritional management could stimulate the amount and composition of intestinal bacteria which considered as an effective method to prevent diseases and promote human health. Here was to make a review of the research progress in function,related diseases and therapeutic,homeostasis of gut microbiota.
Biofilm characteristics and harm of Thermophilic Bacillus in dairy products
ZHANG Meng-jiao, LI Yan
2016, (06): 388-391. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.069
Abstract(53) PDF(207)
Thermophilic Bacillus was the main contaminating bacteria during the process of dairy products. It affects quality and safety of the product. The formation of biofilm was the main reason for Thermophilic Bacillus to contaminate dairy products. Formation features,hazards and precautionary measures of Thermophilic Bacillus biofilm were reviewed in this paper,providing a future reference for the research of dairy production and its related fields.
Research progress in food additives on instant fresh rice noodle retrogradation
LUO Shun-jing, ZHAN Liu-jing, LIU Cheng-mei
2016, (06): 392-395. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.070
Abstract(81) PDF(560)
Instant fresh rice noodle was easy to retrogradation during storage due to high moisture content,which may greatly reduce edibility of rice noodle and shorten its shelf life. Therefore,inhibiting retrogradation of rice noodle was very important to extending its shelf life. Presently,addition of additives was the most effective method to inhibit retrogradation of rice noodle. This paper systematically reviewed different the inhibition effects and mechanisms of types of additives on retrogradation of fresh rice noodle and advantages and disadvantages of these additives. These studies will provide some scientific basis for improving research on inhibiting retrogradation of fresh rice noodle.
Research advance on main active substance and pharmacological action of Acanthopanax
BAI Xue, HU Wen-zhong, JIANG Ai-li, LI Jing, SONG Chun-lu
2016, (06): 396-399. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.06.071
Abstract(78) PDF(973)
Some research advances on main active substance of Acanthopanax, including glycosides,polysaccharides,flavonoids and other elements had been introduced briefly. Their pharmacological actions contain anti- tumor, anti- fatigue, hypoglycemic, protecting blood vessel of brain were also reported. The applications of Acanthopanax in food and medince which not only provide a reference for the further research of Acanthopanax but also make a big move for the development of its healthcare productions were also dicussied.