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ZOU Li, LI Xin, TONG Ping, GAO Jin-yan, CHEN Hong-bing. Regulations of food allergen labeling from the European Union,Australia and New Zealand and its enlightenment on China[J]. Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2016, (04): 365-369. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.04.065
Citation: ZOU Li, LI Xin, TONG Ping, GAO Jin-yan, CHEN Hong-bing. Regulations of food allergen labeling from the European Union,Australia and New Zealand and its enlightenment on China[J]. Science and Technology of Food Industry, 2016, (04): 365-369. doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.04.065

Regulations of food allergen labeling from the European Union,Australia and New Zealand and its enlightenment on China

doi: 10.13386/j.issn1002-0306.2016.04.065
  • Received Date: 2015-04-07
  • Food allergy has become a major public health and food safety issue of concern in the world. Fourteen and eight food allergens were labeled mandatory in European Union( EU), Australia and New Zealand,respectively. Moreover,they have carried out basic research on certified reference materials and threshold for food allergens,and successfully developed allergen reference materials and population threshold. In addition,some advices were suggested on how to speed up the food allergen labeling regulations in China after the comparison of food allergy management between China and European Union(EU),Australia and New Zealand.
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