Notice to Authors

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Notice to Authors

Science and Technology of Food Industry is a Chinese academic journal which comprehensively reports the research progress of food science and food industry technology. Founded in 1979, Science and Technology of Food Industry is managed by China National Light Industry Council and sponsored by Beijing Industrial Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Being a national comprehensive science and technology journal, Science and Technology of Food Industry has been rated as an Excellent Journal of Light Industry, Outstanding S&T Journals of China and "Outstanding Contribution Unit" of Beijing Food Institute.

Science and Technology of Food Industry is a semimonthly publication targeted both domestically (CN 11-1759/TS) and internationally (ISSN 1002-0306). Each issue contains 490 pages on average and the annual published papers reach to 1400. Until now, Science and Technology of Food Industry has been indexed by various databases including Scopus, CA, DOAJ, FSTA, JSTChina, CSTPCD, GCJC,RCCSE, SinoMed, China Core Agricultural and Forestry Journals A, CNKI, Wanfang Data, VIP Data, Chaoxing Data, Bookan Data, etc.

This journal is meticulously managed by the editorial team, and we welcome national experts and scholars of food technology and related area to contribute.

1. Manuscript Requirements

True, reliable data, view clear, logical, innovative, scientific, accuracy, practicality and readability. The author shall ensure that no signature, no draft, no leaks, no political problem, without conceit. Each manuscript (including text, graphics, references, English abstract, etc.) is generally not more than 15000 words. Must have Chinese and English title, author, name and unit, summary about 450 words in both English and Chinese, 3 ~ 8 Chinese and English keywords, the table topic and topic in both English and Chinese.

2. Aims & Scope

The Scope of publication includes research papers and frontier reviews in food and its cross fields, and the most readers are food research related practitioners, such as college teachers, master students, doctoral students and R & D personnel.

Science and Technology of Food Industry follows the recognized publishing ethics, and this journal firmly opposes any form of plagiarism. Authors who contribute to this journal must confirm the originality of the contents of the manuscript and ensure that the article has not been published in whole or in part elsewhere in any language and has not been reviewed anywhere for publishing purposes. Contributions should be scientific, with clear themes and rigorous reasoning. Accurate words, concise sentences and standard simplified words should be used. Comply with the national legal unit of measurement, digital usage, punctuation and other standards, do not involve sensitive topics, and the signature is not controversial. All manuscripts that violate the publication ethics statement will be rejected.

3. Contributions and Contribution Processing Cycle


Authors can log on to our editorial system ( to submit manuscripts. Please consult our submitting template, which can be downloaded in the editorial system.     
We adopt expert and author double-blind peer review process. The peer review experts are professors from Chinese universities, and the manuscripts submitted for review are consistent with their research direction. After the manuscript is preliminarily reviewed by the editorial department, the peer review expert is invited to review by e-mail. The peer review experts shall give opinions within 15 days according to the quality of the manuscript, including modification opinions, reexamination opinions after modification or rejection opinions. Manuscripts reviewed after revision will be submitted for peer review again.

For manuscripts meeting our requirements of publication, it usually takes two or three months to receive processing opinions. Welcome to contact the editorial office, if you don’t receive any feedback over two month. Discretion is permitted after three months overdue. In the editorial system, you can view acceptation and modification suggestions.

4. References

General research papers should have about 25 references, and not less than 15, review papers should have not less than 30 references. References in recent five years should be not less than half of the total numbers, and more than 5 references should be cited from foreign literatures. The format of the references refers to GB/T 7714-2015 "reference information and literature cataloguing rules". Bilingual control is required for Chinese references.

5. Open access

Science and Technology of Food Industry is an open access journal. Once published, all articles will be immediately and permanently available for readers to read and download free of charge on website

6. Publishing Ethics

One of the most common types of publication misconduct is plagiarism–when one author deliberately uses another's work without permission, credit, or acknowledgment. Plagiarism takes different forms, from literal copying to paraphrasing some else's work and can include:

■ Data ■ Words and Phrases ■ Ideas and Concepts

 Plagiarism has varying different levels of severity, such as:

 ■ How much of someone's work was taken–a few lines, paragraphs, pages, the full article?

 ■ What was copied–results, methods, or introduction section?

 When it comes to your work, always remember that crediting the work of others (including your advisor’s or your own previous work) is a critical part of the process. You should always place your work in the context of the advancement of the field, and acknowledge the findings of others on which you have built your research.

7. APC and remuneration

In order to support open access publishing, Science and Technology of Food Industry collects article publishing charge (APC), which needs to be paid by the author or his institution, fund funded projects, etc. Charging criteria for layout fee: 3000 yuan for less than 5 editions, and 200 yuan for each additional edition. After publication, we will pay remuneration and send sample issue immediately.

8. Contact

Address: No. 70, Shazikou Road, Yongding gate, Beijing

Postcode: 100101


Telephone: 010-87244116; 010-87244117


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