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Science and Technology of Food Industry copyright transfer instructions

Party A  Contributor (the authors)

Party B  Science and Technology of Food Industry

Party A and Party B have reached the following agreement on the transfer of the copyright of the thesis:

1. Party A as the author of the paper, should ensure that the paper is the original works and does not involve infringement and leakage issues, if infringement or leakage problems are happened, all the responsibility borne by the Party A.

2. Party A voluntarily transferred the following rights of the paper to Party B:

(1) Compilation rights. Party B may, publish the paper (in whole or in part) in a special subject, in a journal, or in other forms.

(2) The right to translate.

(3) The right to print and the right of the paper’s electronic copy

(4) The right to network communication (including the "priority digital publication" rights)

(5) Distribution right

3. The paper’s copyright transfer period is 15 years after the publication of the paper; the scope of the application area is for all the areas of the world.

4. Party A may not use any other newspaper or publication in any form, but Party A may, in its subsequent works, quote (or translate) part of the paper or compile it in its subsequent work including the Party A of non-periodical anthology.

5. When the paper is first published in " Science and Technology of Food Industry ", Party B will pay Party A a one-time royalties.

6. Other issues, if a problem occurs, the two sides resolved through consultation; if not, then in accordance with the "People's Republic of China Copyright Law" and other relevant laws and regulations.

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